Royal correspondent gives update on Prince Charles after he tests positive for coronavirus | LBC 

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The Evening Standard's Royal Correspondent has given LBC the latest update on Prince Charles after he was diagnosed with coronavirus.
The Prince of Wales's office confirmed that the 71-year-old had been diagnosed with coronavirus in a statement released this morning.
A spokesman said: "He has been displaying mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health and has been working from home throughout the last few days as usual."
Robert Jobson told James O'Brien that Prince Charles had not seen the Queen since 12th March, meaning that her 14-day period of concern over symptoms will expire tomorrow.
He added it's difficult to know where the Prince contracted the disease, but pointed out he was sitting opposite Prince Albert of Monaco at a climate change conference recently - and he came down with the virus.
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Komentáře 61   
Uno Bassman
Uno Bassman Před 14 dny
O’Brien is Jeremy Corbyn’s sarcastic gloomy son
Mike Walton
Mike Walton Před 14 dny
This site heavily marked down as usual, not so popular in the REAL world are we James ! 🤣
John Atkinson
John Atkinson Před 14 dny
Why are they tested when not in Hospital unlike the rest of us?
Marina Rassin
Marina Rassin Před 14 dny
just hope the queen stays save
BassGoesBoom1 Před 14 dny
Tainted adrenochrome
Paul Wood
Paul Wood Před 14 dny
I am a UK citizen and you make me ashamed, namecalling to a Julie elected president of the United States. You are disgraceful little man Jams O Brien!
Johan MB
Johan MB Před 14 dny
*I'm more ashamed that as a UK citizen you don't know the difference between Julie and duly*
ste rupert
ste rupert Před 14 dny
Prince Charles is isolating at Balmoral with Covid 19 and Prince Andrew is isolating at Windsor with Rachel 12
MrBadabimBadabum Před 14 dny
James O’Brien ... I would worry more where you put your mouth.
Marimilitarybrat Před 15 dny
Social elites have grubby little minds
Is he dead yet?
Rebecca Cuomo
Rebecca Cuomo Před 15 dny
He must go away
tasiawful1 Před 15 dny
MJN DNY Před 15 dny
I love clouds
I love clouds Před 15 dny
What is a suprise or even news about this, what you think the royal bloodline IS immune to a virus? Besides he could afford treatment multiple times over for an entire country. Preety sure he will be fine despite his age..
Johan MB
Johan MB Před 15 dny
*Its funny how Americans are all for the 1st amendment until something is said that upsets them then censorship must be put in place at once*
Soaring Eagle
Soaring Eagle Před 15 dny
Johan MB -- Okay, as you've demonstrated that we may freely make assumptions, I'm going to assume that you're a Russian or Chinese bot.
MD Hewitt
MD Hewitt Před 15 dny
Poor His Royal Highness Sir Prince Charles of Wales.
Front Page Britain
Front Page Britain Před 15 dny
James obrien who looks like he has been social distancing with soap all his life calling someone else grubby?? Loool oh the irony
Front Page Britain
Front Page Britain Před 15 dny
Please dont let chaz die, not before him and his brother are brought to justice over their paedo activities at least...
Jazzycat truthkitten
Lol I think this is complete BS. Celebrities and royalty testing positive for the deadly virus that kills no more than the flu. Whatever will they be suggesting next? Let me guess, the new vaccine in the pipeline?
Johan MB
Johan MB Před 14 dny
The UK has started testing on humans of a vaccine. Due to a lot of anti British sentiment there is talk of only making it available to British and Commonwealth citizens.
levenway Před 15 dny
James salivating at the notion of the the queen getting infected
Pedro Fussell
Pedro Fussell Před 15 dny
I hope Charles is cooking his own food and not infecting any of his slaves
Cod's head
Cod's head Před 15 dny
Meanwhile Prince Andrew is now self isolating with carlina-13
David Hack
David Hack Před 15 dny
Encouraging for who I wonder?
George Smith
George Smith Před 15 dny
Let’s hope he prays to allah with the copy of the Koran he carries around with him
PEOPLES POET Před 15 dny
Vlad the inhaler
James Smith
James Smith Před 15 dny
OBrien should self Isolate permanently...
Google Barbara Lerner Spectre
Sure he did! I believe everything I'm told by the media!
Henrylegrand Legrandhenry
I told you Charles, stop making love to bats ! Ah, ladie d what a husband !
Joe Chappell
Joe Chappell Před 15 dny
Most disrespectful presenter ever... James O'Moaning
ragusaf Před 15 dny
Convenient story.
tasiawful1 Před 15 dny
ragusaf I believe it to be a PR Stunt to let us all think “Their just like us”....not!
Patriotic_Brit1707 Před 15 dny
What do you mean?
Valencia Spain
Valencia Spain Před 15 dny
Guess the monarchy will be of no use anymore if they can't even meet or greet.
Humphrey Woof
Humphrey Woof Před 14 dny
They are retaining more than 80% of their wages though°
Ian Whiteley
Ian Whiteley Před 15 dny
New laws arest on sight new world order test
Oggy Gardener
Oggy Gardener Před 15 dny
The Corona flu has the same death rate as the Common flu. The Hoax by China to dismantle western economies seems to be working. We in the West cannot do math and it shows. It's just the flu. The Common flu kills 500,000 people worldwide every year...mostly the elderly.
Rob Foley
Rob Foley Před 15 dny
@Sam Kenny enjoy it !!! Covid19 spreads more rapidly but the death rate is lower compare to the flu in the US of the 18/19 season. 34 000 died alone that year in the US from influenza, add that figure to the rest of the world influenza outbreak that year and it's far more than covid19.
Rob Foley
Rob Foley Před 15 dny
@Captain Insano Shows no mercy What about Spanish flu then? A real pandemic!
Jazzycat truthkitten
Any thoughts on the 5G network? I understand the 5G towers were turned on in Wuhan on the 31st October 2019.This isn't common knowledge but 5G is likely to suppress immune function. Combine that with the virus and the terrible pollution Wuhan is known for and we have the perfect storm. Little wonder they came down so badly with it. By all accounts 5G is potentially very deadly, yet not a word of it in the media.
Sam Kenny enjoy it !!!
Oggy Gardener are you insane,about 1/1500 die from the flu,1/100 die from Covid 19,that doesn’t seem the same you ignorant idiot
Captain Insano Shows no mercy
How does one explain these young folk dying? Including healthy doctors? 2018/2019, 1692 deaths from flu. That equates to 141 a month. Current covid death rate in the UK, 420. First case was end of January so that's 210 a month on average...
Ian Whiteley
Ian Whiteley Před 15 dny
New world order lock down tests
Susan Theobald
Susan Theobald Před 15 dny
I'm disgusted with the disrespect for the president of the USA!! That individual needs to be censured!
edward howie
edward howie Před 14 dny
This is not North Korea we have a free press if you don't like his opinion you know what to do.
Captain Insano Shows no mercy
@Johan MB yeh.. I'm not a fan of censorship, but Kno'brien could do the world a favour and just censor himself..
Johan MB
Johan MB Před 15 dny
@Susan Theobald *its funny how people are all for the 1st amendment until somethings is said that upsets them then censorship must be put in place*
S Dolan
S Dolan Před 15 dny
Prince Charles will recover from COVID-19 and be just fine. Nothing like a hot bowl of kiddie soup, toddler porridge or infant pie that’ll take care of it. The secret is out on you disgusting royals and elites.
Danny White
Danny White Před 15 dny
Rubish, why can't we find any paracetamol not seen any for months this is a scam
Captain Insano Shows no mercy
Not looking hard enough then, I was in Lidl last week, there was tons...
Renee Youngbull
Renee Youngbull Před 15 dny
President Trump is the best! ♥️🇺🇸✌🏼😁
Rita King
Rita King Před 15 dny
Renee Youngbull ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕💕
Guy Lawrance
Guy Lawrance Před 15 dny
Shot yourself in the foot once again James, you ain’t ever gonna learn son, are you !
John Paul
John Paul Před 15 dny
Our president was elected BY THE PEOPLE. He is a self made man. Not of the political class. He even speaks like the common man. He is one of us. Your royals only exist in place because of inbreeding and some antiquated love of monarchy.
edward howie
edward howie Před 14 dny
John Paul your president being a self-made man will come as a great relief to the almighty heaven forbid that he was one of gods creations.
Sheep Slayer
Sheep Slayer Před 15 dny
Don't make the mistake that we all think like this odious man.
Rita King
Rita King Před 15 dny
John Paul 🇺🇸 Right on!
boggybond Před 15 dny
Grubby mitts?.........Nice to see you keeping neutral in these difficult times.
Vman 77
Vman 77 Před 15 dny
Hundreds of people have died in the uk, and thousands are infected, do you guys really think anyone cares that Prince Charles has it?
edward howie
edward howie Před 14 dny
His family and anyone with any sense of decency would care about people who contract this virus or any other virus.
Rob Foley
Rob Foley Před 15 dny
@Floyd1504 Bwhahahaha, who's randy Andy!!?
Floyd1504 Před 15 dny
True! We're all more interested in laughing about what randy Andy has caught. 😆😆
Babs Před 15 dny
After PC's sarcastic virus remarks on his instagram, what a surprise. Leave Trump alone! Charles does nothing to help people.
edward howie
edward howie Před 14 dny
It's better to say nothing and let people think you are a fool than open your mouth and confirm it.
Otto Skorzeny
Otto Skorzeny Před 15 dny
Fingers Crossed James No'Brain, Danny Dyer's uglier and less talented doppelganger, will be joining Charlie soon!
Humphrey Woof
Humphrey Woof Před 14 dny
No need!!!
WildwoodCastle Před 15 dny
James O'Brien.. your mother just called and inquired about a retro-abortion...
Gray UK
Gray UK Před 15 dny
He has had Moronovirus for years!!! We can only wish him the worse!!!!!!!!!!!
Captain Insano Shows no mercy
@John Smith why? Kno'brien is a disgusting, rude, offensive and divisive creature.
John Smith
John Smith Před 15 dny
Just shows how nasty and petty people like you truly are.
Seine O'More
Seine O'More Před 15 dny
nO'Brain just gets thumbs downs not listeners. Pillock
deano Před 15 dny
social distancing for thee but not for me, got important engagements don’t you know
English Heart
English Heart Před 15 dny
I wonder if James O'Brien will get Moronavirus?
Captain Insano Shows no mercy
"will get"??? Patient 0 mate...
WildwoodCastle Před 15 dny
He has been a carrier for years...
Tom Před 15 dny
awesome content keep up the amazing work
Henri de Lagardère
Henri de Lagardère Před 15 dny
Let's hope he turns out to be only half as resilient as Tom Hanks.
Carolyn Chin
Carolyn Chin Před 15 dny
Referring to the president's hands as grubby mitts you're a Joke people like you that cause division are dangerous
Johan MB
Johan MB Před 14 dny
@Tribe84 Is that in the same way that presstitutes like Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk convince American people that they are doing great and number one in everything
Tribe84 Před 15 dny
@Johan MB wonder if presstitutes like this has anything to do with how the Brits feel about it... And just like America, the working man loves Trump, even in the UK.
Rob Foley
Rob Foley Před 15 dny
@Johan MB Most people? Where's your evidence at that? You mean the loud minority that continually express the negative rhetoric about Trump. Trump is president and will no doubt win the presidency again later this year. Get over it!
Johan MB
Johan MB Před 15 dny
I see its lost on you that most people in UK don't like Trump and the British presenter was only expressing what most think
Sheep Slayer
Sheep Slayer Před 15 dny
He's a very dangerous divisive man, you only have to go into the channels on here that support him to see the hate and vitriol in there to anyone with a different opinion.
yahsgirl Před 15 dny
That's rude!!!.........grubby handed president? One may like him or not, but that certainly isn't the way to talk!
James Adams
James Adams Před 15 dny
Prince Charles probably got a cold the virus is a hoax
WildwoodCastle Před 15 dny
Who told you that.. Alex Jones...?
Netanya Bregman
Netanya Bregman Před 15 dny
James O’Brien as an American, keep your grubby tongue off our President !
Rob Foley
Rob Foley Před 15 dny
@Snowy Owel Me too 👍🇬🇧🇺🇸
Snowy Owel
Snowy Owel Před 15 dny
Millions here support president Donald me included 🇬🇧🇺🇸
The truth hurts
The truth hurts Před 15 dny
James only likes himself as most people go on hear to do a thumbs down he's a miserable little man .
Rita King
Rita King Před 15 dny
Netanya Bregman right on! And Amen! He’s our President we love him.
weaverspell Před 15 dny
James is a Communist, he hates Trump
Dude Dude
Dude Dude Před 15 dny
Lies, lizards don’t get coronavirus
Proud Male Feminist
Proud Male Feminist Před 15 dny
But it jumps species!
Moonshine Buck
Moonshine Buck Před 15 dny
He doesn't have it, it's all to convince the sheeple the virus is real!
Captain Insano Shows no mercy
A family friend in ICU convinced me long before Charlie boy got ill...
Nagrom Před 15 dny
yeah, just like the moon and birds!
Two Feathers
Two Feathers Před 15 dny
Grubby little mitts? Grubby little mouth comment.
Benjamin Marshal
Benjamin Marshal Před 15 dny
FU, our grubby handed President can run circles around your tree hugging Royal.
edward howie
edward howie Před 14 dny
I rather doubt whether he could run a bath
weaverspell Před 15 dny
Pampered Charlie having the virus is a publicity stunt to make the Royals look like they are suffering like the Peasants, and Jammy is a Communist
Jason Landers
Jason Landers Před 15 dny
Hey man this James 'O tool. DOES NOT REPRESENT 🇬🇧. WWG1WGA
GHOST AKA CLUE Před 15 dny
I heard a theory that Charles has already died of old age they are just hiding it and getting a story together like the coronavirus 🤔💭
edward howie
edward howie Před 14 dny
No, he just does not interact with clowns
Andrea Brindley
Andrea Brindley Před 15 dny
Ive heard hes under house arrest
Marina A
Marina A Před 15 dny
I think the rumours are about his father Prince Philip
robert alford
robert alford Před 15 dny
Might be back as his old cows Tampax earlier than expected.
Eddie Bear
Eddie Bear Před 15 dny
James is a useless sausage.