Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus 

CBS Evening News
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The coronavirus pandemic has struck Britain's royal family -- infecting 71-year-old Prince Charles -- who is next in line to the throne. Roxana Saberi reports.





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chauncey the gardener
Prince Charles does not have Coronavirus
M B Před 7 dny
Ethan Hill
Ethan Hill Před 9 dny
British royalty sickens me.
Ethan Hill
Ethan Hill Před 8 dny
@Ecole Charles gave Boris the virus. Boris agrees with me.
Ecole Před 9 dny
Why?,statistics shows that more than 67 percent of the british people love the queen (mornachy).thats more than the percentage of people who love trump in America..that shows most of them do not have problem with the idea of having a queen cus they have lived all their life seeing her as their ruler,would be difficult to change that and some people dont like the fact that they have to pay for all the family...
Luz moncada
Luz moncada Před 10 dny
No more kindom in england
SoCali Před 10 dny
Of course he can contract coronavirus. Who are these idiots that thought that he couldn't contract it?
CL Před 10 dny
UK government wants to 60% of people get infected to get "herd immunity". Don't shake hands but they stand too close to each other.
Diane Mitchell
Diane Mitchell Před 10 dny
of course the Energizer Bunny is still in good health shes only like 150 now
Max Headrum
Max Headrum Před 10 dny
Death to the monarchy
Arkethia Terrell
Arkethia Terrell Před 10 dny
That's what he get for screwing over Princess Diana, GOOD
SoCali Před 10 dny
@Paty Pérez Coincidence
Arkethia Terrell
Arkethia Terrell Před 10 dny
@Paty Pérez I was just looking at her funeral again this morning, beautiful send off
Paty Pérez
Paty Pérez Před 10 dny
S.L.S Před 10 dny
Charles is over 60 ( he's 71) so his chances are zip for surviving.
Maurice the Great
Maurice the Great Před 10 dny
This how Elizabeth outlives her successor.
shanniworld Před 10 dny
Bet Charles has access to a ventilator. Oh, and the Queen left the castle a while back. Get your facts straight.
J H Před 10 dny
What are the chances he had to wait in line to get drugs from a centrally ran, beauracratic testing place?
To Be Honest
To Be Honest Před 10 dny
STAY AT HOME not like he has a real job
Tom Před 10 dny
great video it was really entertaining
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