Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Has 'Mild Symptoms' But In 'Good Health' | PeopleTV 

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The 71-year-old and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall are at Birkhall, their Balmoral estate in Scotland.
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Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Has 'Mild Symptoms' But In 'Good Health' | PeopleTV





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Komentáře 37   
Fra C
Fra C Před 5 dny
He was tested positive for coronavirus .......yes of course. And prince Harry has served in irak......
Kat Live
Kat Live Před 8 dny
Hey Prince Charles, please cut off Harry and Meghan. They are grown assed adults and need to learn the responsibility of earning their own money. Right now they are just a couple of freeloaders!! Cut them off!!!
Admin For-All
Admin For-All Před 12 dny
Please check out: Drudge Report David Icke on London Real Alex Jones Show on infowars God Bless You and thanks for your attention:)
Montana M
Montana M Před 13 dny
Aaron J
Aaron J Před 14 dny
I heard when he showed up at the hospital they gave him a helmet and some crayons and told him to self isolate.
Gia Long
Gia Long Před 14 dny
He might die in “Herd Immunity” style.🦠☣️😷🦇💣
12bettyf Před 15 dny
*MEGHAM MARKLE touched & clawed everyone in the UK for a photo op. Has the student she force hugged been tested?? Has SHE been tested??? Mrs Trudeau is a good friend of hers*
Hopeshadows84 Hopeshadows84
He has O blood. Maybe thats why its so mild?
Mike Ray
Mike Ray Před 15 dny
That is horrible.He will have to stay in his palace with minor cold symptoms and suck more money from the British people
SWIRLY4LIFE Před 15 dny
Comment Removed
Comment Removed Před 15 dny
Ralph Bourke
Ralph Bourke Před 15 dny
Although I would never wish ill intent on any one I must say here and now I do not consider the Royals a worthy topic of daily news nor do i appreciate being bombarded with private information on there family splits or arguments. This family is not news worthy on a daily basis what so ever and this does not mean people do not like the family but there are deeper pressing issues worth talking about rather than the clothes they wear or what they had for lunch sorry. Don't care, could care less and they have there lives and the world moves on and on and wish them all the best of luck but time we all move on. Good by and good luck Charlie my advice to you sir is get your self tested for every one's sake and remember even a Royal is not virus free no matter what the queen told you.
Sarah Stewart
Sarah Stewart Před 15 dny
Glad Prince Charles is okay for his grandkids sake...and his parents sake...and his kids sake..heck for his whole family's sake.😁💝🎈
El Pero
El Pero Před 15 dny
What a coincidence that only the top politicians and these p honies and phony actors got the virus because I still haven't met any normal person does got it. Fraud, scam
Teresa Averett
Teresa Averett Před 15 dny
Blame William for poking the leprechaun with that silly comment about Coronavirus when he was in Ireland. William smiling like a 🐿 pissed the 🍀 off
Calvin Schuster
Calvin Schuster Před 15 dny
Ok now im convinced its def a bad batch of adrenochrome. All the evil people are getting covid19
Davida Krappenschitz
I hope Charles recovers quickly and hasn't spread it. Geez. There are a LOT of apathetic and uneducated trolls here. Everyone, PLEASE do your own research(CDC, FDA, Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic) and practice social distancing as much as you possibly can. Don't rely on dipshits in comment sections to properly educate you.
Nomad Vagabond
Nomad Vagabond Před 15 dny
He looks in good health.
Hemp Head
Hemp Head Před 15 dny
Long live the corona, i mean queen.
Richard B
Richard B Před 15 dny
Well for an old man he sure has rosy cheeks. Or he likes rosy cheeks.
Boss Hog
Boss Hog Před 15 dny
Yeah, sure he has.
First Last
First Last Před 15 dny
Now he needs to go French kiss all his clan members. It's time to end this ridiculous "royalty bs" around the globe.
Tits McFunnyBalls
Tits McFunnyBalls Před 15 dny
Word is he contracted it from an 11 year olds asshole
Uchiba Uki
Uchiba Uki Před 15 dny
We have to wash hands also face after come back home 🏡 I heard people also wash their nostrils 👃 clean it with hydrogen peroxide with cotton swabs and sneeze 🤧 it out so before the virus enter from your nose you killed it! Take a bath also good with Dial antibacterial soap it’s cheap but very good!! Stay healthy people 🙏🙏
lili lili
lili lili Před 15 dny
He is a Loki old man.
jack mcgrew
jack mcgrew Před 15 dny
He will be arrested very soon because he is a pervert if u know what I’m talking about then ur laughing too
The Amazing Eddie Haskell
That guy eats coronavirus for Breakfast look at him!
Mark Vasquez
Mark Vasquez Před 15 dny
his face is the same color
cogober Před 15 dny
Lmao and
T H Před 15 dny
Lol this has like zero views. Royals are not special. Only Jesus Christ can save you!
Mike Ray
Mike Ray Před 15 dny
@mecha Jesus is real.And He believes in you whether you believe in Him or not.Hopefully you will change the way you think before you meet Him
mecha Před 15 dny
Ok crazy
Red Mob
Red Mob Před 15 dny
Russell Hillery
Russell Hillery Před 15 dny
Well if he dies it's just one less sliver spoon fed bigot gone. Save the people who make these countries work . The rich aren't shit but takers and handout queens.
Trey Hannah
Trey Hannah Před 15 dny
Yeah right😂. Bullshit... Also these celebrities if you believe they have it you are so brain washed.
Jordan rock
Jordan rock Před 15 dny
His lizard blood is immune.
Jordan rock
Jordan rock Před 14 dny
@Hopeshadows84 Hopeshadows84 probably not.
Hopeshadows84 Hopeshadows84
Lol thats what I thought. Trump is an O too. Coincidence?
SURREAL75 YT Před 15 dny
They aren't sick. Neither are the NBA players or football stars. They are calculating all deaths towards the Corona to scare us in to buying shit and using things we normally don't. In the world 8 OUT OF EVERY 1000 DIE JUST WITH REGULAR STATS. WITHOUT CORONA. YOU SEE THEM BANNING CARS OR PLANES OR "HELICOPTERS" ..... NO. WORLD ORGANIZATION IS AS STUPID AS DONALD DUCK T. HE'S A FRICKIN IDIOT. AND HE BLOWS DONKEY Dss
SURREAL75 YT Před 14 dny
@Dr. Know went to pound town with your ma. 💪
Dr. Know
Dr. Know Před 15 dny
SURREAL75 YT My condolences for the loss of your IQ. May it Rest In Peace.
Tommy Před 15 dny
Good. Maybe it'll wipe out that entire family of Pedo's.
ChronLogic Před 15 dny
I don't know it just seems strange that all these elites keep coming down with it, yet no deaths. Are they really even sick?
WINNIE KAMAU Před 14 dny
It's a lie from the pits of hell to push for a dangerous vaccine. It's a scam... Then everyone in the world should post their HIV status
Hopeshadows84 Hopeshadows84
He has O blood. Maybe thats why its so mild?
Gheorghe Petre
Gheorghe Petre Před 15 dny
These "celebrities" dont have the "virus". There're just saying that's. So in the near future, when there movies come out, they can make more money.
AstroLance Před 15 dny
@BigBeardRedguy1975 well during the birdflu, newspapers said one third of the population would die.. 500 ppl died in my country..... During swineflu, newspapers said a man died after 45 minutes after being in contact with the virus... I see a pattern...
E Johnson
E Johnson Před 15 dny
These rich people have the money to buy the right treatment. Boost their immune systems through food and medicines... probably sleep in an oxygen chamber like professional athletes... I doubt he'll die.
Tom Před 15 dny
cool video keep up the great content
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