Prince Charles In Good Spirits After Testing Positive for Coronavirus 

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According to a Palace spokesperson, the 71-year-old royal has tested positive for coronavirus and is currently quarantined at his Scotland estate. A Palace spokesperson tells ET he’s experiencing mild symptoms and is in good spirits.
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Komentáře 46   
Thomas Willmott
Thomas Willmott Před 6 dny
He never had it, Boris has not got it. What we have got is a complete change in government that's ass licking China and WHO
half manx
half manx Před 7 dny
csvid.info/video/xpaYgZyUym50ppU.html THEM AND US
Link Jones
Link Jones Před 8 dny
Anyone remember his famous quote about after death he would like to come back as a virus???
Gypsy Road
Gypsy Road Před 10 dny
Awesome stuff. More please! i really want to Be CSvid friends? Really would like all of your support
Cash Před 12 dny
We needs to protect himself from the coronavirus!
Kate G
Kate G Před 13 dny
What how ?
Jewel Rose Lim
Jewel Rose Lim Před 14 dny
I might just be confused or I haven’t watched the video but the title says he’s in good spirits because he’s positive for covid?-
Concetta Crawley
Concetta Crawley Před 14 dny
he’s cooked lol 😂
Rada 008
Rada 008 Před 14 dny
Yea right. All part of the narrative. They think we're all dumb, some of us can detect BS y'know. 🙄
Gossip Před 14 dny
Cool video ;-)
Tnc874 Před 14 dny
Thats crazy. He is 71. I doubt if he will ever be king. If so itll only b for a year or 2
Pedro Q
Pedro Q Před 13 dny
Esther StrategicAdvisor she 94
Esther StrategicAdvisor
His grandmother luved to 101 I think, Queen Elizabeth is in her 90's. Prince Charles COULD have 25 good years of life left, possibly 15 left of those to be King!😁
Barbara Bartelme
Barbara Bartelme Před 14 dny
My prayers and thoughts to Prince Charles in hopes that he continues to have a mild case of the virus.
S C Před 14 dny
I wonder if he is sick of waiting and wants to go hug his mom...
David Anzola
David Anzola Před 14 dny
I hope the rich die.
David Anzola
David Anzola Před 14 dny
They deserve it.
Tina Columbia
Tina Columbia Před 14 dny
I hope he didn’t infect Harry or Megan.
Esther StrategicAdvisor
@Memcha Laishram They were at the church service
Memcha Laishram
Memcha Laishram Před 14 dny
They have left Britain . They were in Canada
Faye S
Faye S Před 14 dny
Praying for him.
Lavender Violet
Lavender Violet Před 14 dny
What a farce.
sydneyisland Před 14 dny
Karma sucks don’t it charlie
Jason Morris
Jason Morris Před 14 dny
2 weeks later RIP Prince Charles!
Antwain Rashaud Gray
So Many Rich People getting the Virus...Or atleast that's what the media is saying 🤔
melvin reed
melvin reed Před 14 dny
If he's o negative blood type that could be why his symptoms are mild
MN R Před 11 dny
You don't know what his blood type is. O negatives are the parasites of human kind. Negatives got no problem developing in a positive mothers womb then they grow up to deceive and leach off the rest of the world thinking they are a superior being when all they are is trash.
VladyblueGC Před 15 dny
Karma got him.... #Diana
George Manthe
George Manthe Před 15 dny
I’m so worried about this satanic scumbag. Too muck
Priscila Sierra
Priscila Sierra Před 15 dny
The fucking karma!... from Diana
James Dooling
James Dooling Před 15 dny
Maybe Harry still has a shot!
Peace Jones
Peace Jones Před 15 dny
Pray for Prince Charles
UltimateFireCracker Před 15 dny
This is the karma for the evil people
Sharon Darby
Sharon Darby Před 15 dny
Sandra Haworth
Sandra Haworth Před 15 dny
He ran out of Adrenachrome
Sandra Haworth
Sandra Haworth Před 10 dny
@S C Obviously you need to WAKE UP!!
MN R Před 11 dny
@S C 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Christina libra
Christina libra Před 14 dny
@S C I thing he means something else.
S C Před 14 dny
A living human being cannot run out of adrenOchrome. It is merely oxidized adrenaline and contrary to your dumb myths, is fairly inactive in the human body. If you are breathing, it is in your bloodstream right this second. Read a book.
Wait What !
Wait What ! Před 15 dny
How come the rich ones are always doing well, despite testing positive? Meanwhile the average Joe is suffering with respiratory problems from the same virus.
Mery Před 13 dny
Do you think that's is true ? Please they have not virus .
jorgensen8 Před 14 dny
That's just simply not true.
Salomi Smit
Salomi Smit Před 14 dny
His suffering will start in a few days
A.J Před 14 dny
They most definitely spend a lot more money on the best health care in the world. Their bodies would be in pristine condition
Lori Reece
Lori Reece Před 14 dny
Jenny Actually, the playwright Terrance McNally just died from it.
UltimateFireCracker Před 15 dny
I don’t fucking care what he has because we regular people aren’t allowed to test so idgaf..
Mejri Mouhamed Ali
Mejri Mouhamed Ali Před 15 dny
هل الامير بخير العافية للعالم اجمعين
alexandre martin
alexandre martin Před 15 dny
No one cares
UltimateFireCracker Před 15 dny
alexandre martin exactly and more energy towards that because why are they getting tested and we must just sit back and watch what happens to us.. so I agree I don’t care either
Goretti- Canterburg-Rainforest
Glad to hear that he's in good spirits 😊
Carrie Green
Carrie Green Před 15 dny
No way God please bless us all
Tom Před 15 dny
cool video
clara guuterman
clara guuterman Před 15 dny
alcohol like tequila kill 995 of the germs is a scientific principle make gargle tequila o wine kill the germs that have in you throat and if you smell this kil the germs that have in you lungs
S C Před 14 dny
Yeah that’s not how this works. By the way, your use of language is abysmal. You sound like a 5 year old.
Dawn Elizabeth
Dawn Elizabeth Před 15 dny
Clara, those and I think vodkas another option.
andréa carlöto
andréa carlöto Před 15 dny
Goretti- Canterburg-Rainforest
I hope is not serious. Thank you ET
BEBA Pagán
BEBA Pagán Před 15 dny
Wow he's strong despite his years. I'm glad he is okay.
Kandy Turner
Kandy Turner Před 15 dny
Looks like we could have a new king & queen soon
Nidia Luccioni
Nidia Luccioni Před 15 dny
Take care of yourself Prince Charles from the corona virus the risk to the public best of health
Logan Cooper
Logan Cooper Před 15 dny
Raj Dhaliwal
Raj Dhaliwal Před 15 dny
The queen is next getting CoronaVirus
MN R Před 11 dny
@Goretti- Canterburg-Rainforest Damn the "queen" She is useless and always was and always will be.
Salis Eduardo
Salis Eduardo Před 14 dny
Raj Dhaliwal the queen has 300 years old l
Deb Rastelli
Deb Rastelli Před 15 dny
Goretti- Canterburg-Rainforest
Don't wish that for her. Do you see her precious and respectable age !!!
potatomato :p
potatomato :p Před 15 dny
Charles: i am royalty and immortal Kung Flu: hold my batsoup