Prince Charles Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Trump & More | Billboard News 

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Prince Charles tests positive for the novel coronavirus, Jimmy Kimmel blasts President Donald Trump and animated TV shows stay in production amid the pandemic induced shutdowns.

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terenfro1975 Před dnem
Cartoons can be produced, but I can’t get MSTeams to do 10 minutes of class time without being timed out by the server.
Mark Mason
Mark Mason Před 2 dny
Royal pedophiles getting ill and Hollywood pedophiles don't like Trump. Why aren't these Jeffrey Epstein types in jail ?
Mason Albert
Mason Albert Před 9 dny
Ghislaine Maxwell ends British Monarchy, with side assist from pedo groomer Donald Trump. Prince Andrew introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell by Donald Trump. Bill Clinton introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell by Donald Trump. Bill Clinton appointed Trump's older sister Maryanne Trump Barry to high Court chair in NY in 1999 in softer charges quid pro quo Vince Foster murder cover-up. And Fancy Bear programme of GRU Russian Roulette Wheel going round & round. Russian Coronavirus deployed in Wuhan China during 2019 FIBA basketball tournament & 2019 World Military Games tournaments held in Wuhan China with huge FOUR MONTH INFLUX in Wuhan China of not only every nation global community travelers, but a massive Russian federation presence that not only included Russian athletes, team doctors and scientists, but every type of Russian security & intel operatives imaginable. Mind not yet blown? Why is germophobe Trump downplaying risk of Russian Coronavirus in addition to INTENTIONALLY delaying pandemic response by at least TWO MONTHS, how is it naturally cowardice Trump suddenly not caring about getting Coronavirus? Not only did Trump delay response for Insider Trader Stock Dump's, now Trump saying his Easter Golf Tournaments to pay his defense attorneys is more important than pandemic response. Consider the very real possibility that Trump was inoculated in his meeting with Russian federation operatives in the Oval Office right after Barr's Perjury & Obstruction over redacted Mueller Report, after 2+ yrs of Trump whining "No collusion with Russhurrr!" , there he was next day with 4 Russians in an unsanctioned meeting without State Department approval with at least one of those Russians having military medical background. Trump appears to be Inoculated. Please consider the facts before your very eyes.
Shidah S
Shidah S Před 9 dny
And who is this guy? We have more important issue to focus on.
Jesus Mancilla
Jesus Mancilla Před 8 dny
Are you dumb?
Preeti Acharya
Preeti Acharya Před 9 dny
Hi Charles. After death please say hello to Diana.
Engineer Tayyab imtiaz
Who ever is next must be celebrating
Mason Albert
Mason Albert Před 9 dny
Engineer Tayyab imtiaz His son William.
stich21 Před 10 dny
Kümmel is a tool
Dorth Surreal
Dorth Surreal Před 10 dny
Good!!! Now Diana can Rest in Peace. Kill that dog your married too as well.
G H Před 10 dny
Tiffany “Taffy Turner” Taylor sounds like a child carnival barker....no class.
Lissette Villalva
Lissette Villalva Před 10 dny
Jimmy kimmel is upset cause he's not making money and is stuck at home eating peeps.
Sebastian Schachner
That comment doesn't make any sense. If I were upset staying at home and making no money, i wouldn't bash the one person who wants us get back to work. What you are saying is: Jimmy is upset, because he makes no money and because of that he says everybody should stay at home for a even longer period of time, so he can't make money for a longer time. You see the problem?
Gia Long
Gia Long Před 10 dny
He might die in “Herd Immunity” style.🦠☣️😷🦇💣
Jasonjjw west
Jasonjjw west Před 10 dny
F*ck that crybaby Jimmy Kimmel. In 2009 when Obozo was president we had the Swine flu. 60 million infected, 300,000 hospitalized, and 13,000 dead. Nobody said shit about it when Obozo did nothing and went golfing.
Alistyr Marqueux
Alistyr Marqueux Před 10 dny
Stay clear away from your dad sir. Prince Philip needs to stay with us for another 15 years. That man walked away from flipping his Range Rover last year at 98, and I just saw a story of a bloke still driving a BMW at 107. Prince Philip has years with us yet.
Benny Jet
Benny Jet Před 10 dny
Coronavirus has killed15000 from 315000 reported cases. Unreported cases are in the millions according to the medical establishment making the death rate even lower. Flu has killed 100,000 in the same period . . This virus is media driven hype . Kimmel is an idiot we are not all going to die . Maybe old people with compromised immune systems. No evidence that the virus even killed them as they could have died from pr existing conditions. the drug being used to treat the virus successfully has already been passed as safe by the FDA 20 years ago when it was tested for use against malaria .
Sebastian Schachner
Sebastian Schachner Před 23 hodinami
@Benny Jet go on youtube type in vox corona virus and watch that video. Then shut the f up
Benny Jet
Benny Jet Před dnem
Sebastian Schachner warm weather deals a death blow to viruses usually . The people with weakened immune systems are at risk true. Just as they are at risk from the flu . So isolate them not the entire community . . The stats prove that you are spreading alarmist bullshit straight from our media. The ones who told us Saddam had WMDs . Do you have a short memory or are you a slow listener . The Stats prove the tin foil hat people are 100% correct on this . When millions are dead which is never going to happen you will have a point . Until that day arrives keep hiding under your bed .
Benny Jet
Benny Jet Před dnem
Sebastian Schachner wrong the virus is being treated with new drugs and successfully in some countries . And clinical testing in America now taking place . No coverage from lying media because they are hand in hand with big pharma and are pushing a vaccine The Coronavirus is less deadly than the flu . Statistics prove that . 650,000 flu deaths annually , Coronavirus 50000. All the predictions of millions dead are based on computer models. In the UK those predictions have gone from millions dead to 5260. A big drop. I predict no more than a hundred deaths in Australia . 99% of people have mild symptoms and recover . You can believe the media nonsense but the stats prove they are liars
Benny Jet
Benny Jet Před dnem
Sebastian Schachner they are closing down because of an agenda not because of health concerns . I an only speculate about what that agenda is If you compare the stats with other pandemics or even the annual flu this virus in a nothing burger. One million recorded infections and there is probably twenty times more infections that that that have yet to be tested. So there are 20 million infections of Coronavirus and 50,000 deaths , mainly old people and the sick . That is not a major pandemic . Spanish flu 50 million , Hong Kong flu one million . . You are being lied too
Benny Jet
Benny Jet Před dnem
Sebastian Schachner it’s all nonsense there is an agenda behind it . The media does not cover flu deaths ( 650,000 annually ) like they are covering this . They do not spread the same alarm and panic even though flu statistically is far worse . That is the only difference flu is propagandised like the virus is . One million recorded infections worldwide . Last flu season there were 3 million infections in Italy alone. There are estimates of 20 million infected with Coronavirus globally and 50 thousand dead. They are not the stats of a bad pandemic . People need to grow a pair. Running around like scared children . A bunch of cowards
fraalapar Před 10 dny
Orange, obese, more annimated, smarter kids, Homer would make a better President.
sumerbc Před 10 dny
Prince Charles is 71 years old and his mother is still alive and well walking around being the queen...... creepy...... is she 110 yrs old or what? How do they keep her alive.....? It's not normal....
sumerbc Před 9 dny
@12bettyf You can't make good correct level headed decisions at that age... you're a ignorant schmuck... How many 94 old leaders of state or CEO's are there? right......
12bettyf Před 9 dny
@sumerbc she's 94 and you're an ignorant schmuck.
Alejandra family Medina
They don’t live like normal people do. They are catered to and well taken care of. Best doctors best of everything.
sumerbc Před 10 dny
@12bettyf Pass control of the Crown already you old dinosaur bat..... It's time you step down Queen mum..... You old bat....
12bettyf Před 10 dny
My grandparent were all in their 90s when they died. There was life before millinials you know
Damien Khan
Damien Khan Před 10 dny
"Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Trump" when the hell doesn't he blast Trump?! I think a more surprising headline is when he doesn't blast Trump
glock161 Před 4 hodinami
Limpy Kimmel must have engaged ties with the "Stock-Selloff" fugitives, as Diane Foundstink, or just embraces blaming to do before he catches the virus next. Death-wishes came TOO sooner than expected.
c mp
c mp Před 7 dny
Amen! Just like the rest of them talk shows and 'comedians.' They got NO career without Trump. Comedy is gone man, every single joke's about Trump and they ain't funny unless you are a rich white liberal. Thank God-Richard Pryor did not live to see this!
a a
a a Před 9 dny
@Mason Albert is there literally any evidence for that? Also, you realise Muellers investigation found no evidence of collusion? And how do you explain all the anti Russian policies, like arming Ukrainian rebels? Trump handled the crisis horrendously and it shows he's too incompetent to be president, but what your saying is just an insane conspiracy theory, Alex Jones level bullshit
Mason Albert
Mason Albert Před 9 dny
Russian Coronavirus deployed in Wuhan China by Trump's Boss Vlad. Not gonna be pretty these next 30 days for Donnie Bone Spurs, the Inoculated One = Individual One.
Mike Barbas
Mike Barbas Před 9 dny
Damien Khan Well neither can Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert... See a pattern there. Trump is solely a shill for himself and the late night hosts ain't letting it slide. Kudos to them!
Tom Před 10 dny
awesome video I loved it
mark fonti
mark fonti Před 10 dny
stfu kimmel
Mason Albert
Mason Albert Před 9 dny
Trump scum showing the Moron Magnet still has power over the most racist creeps among us.
Raigon Jones
Raigon Jones Před 10 dny
@Helen Pauls your comment is just as useless as everyone elses on youtube.. including mine. Get over it
Adrian Messenger
Adrian Messenger Před 10 dny
@Xensonar And to think...YOU STARTED IT ALL, MORON! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Adrian Messenger
Adrian Messenger Před 10 dny
@Xensonar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adrian Messenger
Adrian Messenger Před 10 dny
@Helen Pauls Stay an anti-American Marxist POS!!! 🇨🇳🇪🇺🕌🦂💀🖕
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