Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid (2-3 AET) | UEFA Champions League highlights 

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Liverpool crash out of the Champions League after a rare Anfield defeat at the hands of Atletico Madrid.
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Komentáře 80   
Lewis Segal
Lewis Segal Před 6 hodinami
Adrian couldn’t catch corona if he tried
ali a
ali a Před 11 hodinami
It’s funny that glen hoddle is a spurs man but when he commentates he is non bias and then Mcnanaman is like its offside and completely biased to Liverpool
billy doig
billy doig Před 12 hodinami
how did the away goal not let ahtleti go through after normal time.
JamieG321 Před dnem
Game solely decided by keepers. Put Allison in goal, Liverpool win, take oblak out of goal, Liverpool win 5-0
shahadat745 Před dnem
No Atlético would've still won 2-2 with Alisson
M.D Playz
M.D Playz Před dnem
Karius In Disguise: Adrian. Karius: “I Can’t Catch Corona; I Mean, I Can’t Even Catch A Football!! 🤣
FrightNightHD Před dnem
It’s weird re-watching this now knowing this was the last open game with spectators across Europe.
Ben Crooks
Ben Crooks Před dnem
The way he describes firminos open goal finish makes me laugh every time so bias
Watching this every day now
Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine Před 2 dny
Simeone: right we have to park the bus Van dijk: good luck parking the bus at anfield Mourinho: hold the tactics Simeone: ;)
D M Před 2 dny
Jordan O'Dongo
Jordan O'Dongo Před 2 dny
I cannot help coming back to watch this match to laugh when Atleti go ahead and watch Simeone celebrate. Great way to pass time
Poke Hype
Poke Hype Před 2 dny
Liverpool - we have to be greatful now Europe has COVID
Poke Hype
Poke Hype Před 2 dny
It was a blessing in disguise us losing
Jackhandsley 10
Jackhandsley 10 Před 2 dny
Wet poppadom Adrian
Ellis Před 2 dny
Could the commentators be more biased
john french
john french Před 2 dny
When this game took place there were already a lot of people in Madrid who were affected (and dying) with the corona virus. In this country we had a lot of cases of the virus and it was just starting to get a foot-hold although the government hadn't yet brought in the lockdown. Why the HELL did LFC think it was ok to allow thousands of people from Madrid to attend this game and travel through our airports and into the north west. If Liverpool had any sense of responsibility or consideration towards the NHS then they should not have allowed the Madrid fans to attend. Don't tell me that LFC weren't aware of the risks because it was obvious and well reported that Madrid had a serious covid 19 problem at the time. Typical Liverpool, no class, no shame.
Vlad Roman
Vlad Roman Před dnem
Its wasnt Liverpool's decision to carry on and play the match. That decision is made by the UEFA. One club doesn't have the power to cancel a second leg game only the people in charge which is UEFA. So nice try mate but liverpool isnt to be blamed here.
Evan Hutchinson
Evan Hutchinson Před 2 dny
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="635">10:35</a> slide had me rolling😭
Varun Sharma
Varun Sharma Před 3 dny
I'm glad this happened before the season got suspended!
John Whitson
John Whitson Před 3 dny
Athletico played Liverpool at their own game , defend and hit on the break .
Not Excel
Not Excel Před 3 dny
Hate this video with a passion
Oblak is the best keeper in the world
William and Ireland
I hate both these teams I love United
William and Ireland
Come on United
Memes101 TIk Tok
Memes101 TIk Tok Před 3 dny
How many time klopp thought Liverpool was gonna win 🔻
S L Před 4 dny
Jamie 08
Jamie 08 Před 4 dny
But now it means nothing...
Wahied Majid
Wahied Majid Před 4 dny
30 years of hurt will continue for another 30 if Mr Coronavirus has his say. Lol
Ninioritse Emikomi Tuedon
Absolutely fantastic game. Athletico came with the perfect game plan, if they used any other approach, they would have lost this game.
150tries Před 4 dny
CoronaVirus 3000 - Football 0 .
Seth Harvey
Seth Harvey Před 4 dny
Liverpool can't walk alone anymore. They need crutches after that, And Watford, and Chelsea.
Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan Před 4 dny
Most undeserved win
Alex Pokorny
Alex Pokorny Před 4 dny
Liverpool are so bad now they don’t deserve the league
Louie Chapman
Louie Chapman Před 5 dny
whos here after marcos llorente named his dog anfield lmao
ShinyLarry Před 3 dny
Wait did he?
Nirosh28 Před 5 dny
video starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a>
Joe Před 5 dny
Salah needs to learn to pass
Rehan Rajabali
Rehan Rajabali Před 5 dny
Great victory.....so happy it's one of the highlights of this miserable year through CV 19....RIP
Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector
Came back to watch this masterclass by Atletico. Liverpool arrogant beyond belief, one trophy in 7 years and their fans thought they’d been winning non stop for the last 2 decades. Deluded clowns the lot of them. I throughly enjoyed the hiding they got here. The cheek in their interviews after the first leg, they thought they were 2009 Barca or 1999 Man Utd. Behave will ya.
Jeff Před 6 dny
hahahahahahahahahahahahaah kopitess are gobshites
Jeff Před 6 dny
This was so funny, Liverpool suck
kurtisbere Před 6 dny
Everytime i watch this it gets better and better lool
Foul on Liverpool they were robbed
jaguarjamie45 why cry
jaguarjamie45 Před 5 dny
Your brain was robbed.
MisticLovers Před 6 dny
Dominic Cecere
Dominic Cecere Před 6 dny
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="676">11:16</a> yeah about that 😂🤣
Daniel Před 6 dny
Did the "title in the coming days" arrive yet?
KarlJC1411 Před 6 dny
This begs the question; is Klopp that good?
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips Před 6 dny
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="676">11:16</a> Is that true tho
Declan Bitmead
Declan Bitmead Před 6 dny
Glad Liverpool lost😁😁😁
Bash007 Bashiri
Bash007 Bashiri Před 6 dny
this must school Barcelona how to win at Anfield wow 🇪🇸
OctoberWarBoy Před 6 dny
OctoberWarBoy Před 6 dny
OctoberWarBoy Před 6 dny
OctoberWarBoy Před 6 dny
OctoberWarBoy Před 6 dny
Marc Moik
Marc Moik Před 7 dny
i believe Adrian fixed this game,.after all the hard work his team put through and for him to commit such silly mistakes and concedes such weak goals when his team needed him the most to put in a shift. no way, i dont buy in to his performance. something was up with this guy.
ExhalingDemon Před 7 dny
If only Allison was fit...
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson Před 7 dny
Liverpool are never gonna win another trophy again
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson Před 7 dny
Poor Klopp
Pragnesh Chudasama
Pragnesh Chudasama Před 7 dny
Robertson forgot to turn up at Anfield?
John Munro
John Munro Před 7 dny
Ah.... good times
Big John Fury
Big John Fury Před 7 dny
Just seen they are saying the Spanish give the scousers the Corona
Vladimir Noskov
Vladimir Noskov Před 7 dny
Well done Atlético for beating that Liverpool team
Weisi Před 8 dny
“Looks off side Fletch”
Breno Loal
Breno Loal Před 8 dny
I miss football
The Oasis
The Oasis Před 8 dny
As a Liverpool fan I just have to say. That was horrendous commentary, incredibly biased.
The Oasis
The Oasis Před 8 dny
J M Firmino scores a tap in: COMMENTATORS GO WILD Llorente stunner: ........ I love Liverpool and the commentators but we lost, they were more bitter than most fan channels
J M Před 8 dny
How so?
not very good At Fifa
take the L to all the liverpool fans watching this
Ali Salim
Ali Salim Před 9 dny
Not school boy - brain dead defending by Van Dik
ollie_ _
ollie_ _ Před 9 dny
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="635">10:35</a> whoever slides in there makes me laugh every time
Isma Bk
Isma Bk Před 9 dny
2025 and i still watch this game every week
Aiden Craker
Aiden Craker Před 9 dny
Who else has watched this thousands of times
Andrew Smyth
Andrew Smyth Před 9 dny
"The title will come theres no doubt" "Hold my corona"
Julius Mboli
Julius Mboli Před 9 dny
I came here to see how the European champions were ousted since there are no matches with this stay at home.
Cam Clegg9
Cam Clegg9 Před 9 dny
The title will arrive in the coming days there is no doubt Later: All pl games have been postponed
Jamie Froggatt
Jamie Froggatt Před 9 dny
hey klopp u said welcome to andfeild and u got ur arse whooped just let it got and leave this shot club
Iluzon Linch: Area X
Everyone’s blaming Adrian but there front three were hitting the crowd with their shots
Arif Uddin
Arif Uddin Před 9 dny
Love it! Lucky Scouse idiots! Wish the worst on them!
Dybala Playzzz
Dybala Playzzz Před 10 dny
It was genuinely just shooting practice for Liverpool in the first 90 mins.
Salim Chowdhury
Salim Chowdhury Před 10 dny
omgg liverpool are way better
victor ilarion
victor ilarion Před 10 dny
The irony ...oh the irony ....
Joe Riley
Joe Riley Před 10 dny
Did Steve mcmannaman say dogslegchamberlian <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">5:00</a>
Helen Garr
Helen Garr Před 10 dny
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="497">8:17</a> look at the steward 😂
Ed Morrell
Ed Morrell Před 10 dny
McManaman sounds like Jimmy Liddel 😂
Walter Clements
Walter Clements Před 11 dny
The 2nd time a slips cost Liverpool 😂😂😂
Msg Sweaty gamers
Msg Sweaty gamers Před 11 dny
Yes corona virus make aletico not win tbh I think Barcalona will win
Hussen Uddin
Hussen Uddin Před 11 dny
Who's watching during this Pandemic?
ScottLad Před 11 dny
Who’s here to watch the last big game before Coronavirus came?
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